Aims and Scope

1- Refining processes

2- Conversion, purification, storage and transfer of crude oil, refined products and products

3- Design, construction, protection, repair and maintenance of refinery equipments

4- Design, construction, protection, maintenance of reservoirs and pipelines of refineries

 5- HSE (health, safety and environment) in the field of refining and distribution

6- Consuming materials in NIORDC (Catalysts, chemicals, additives, etc.)

7- New technologies (membrane, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.)

8- Optimizing energy consumption in the activity area of ​​the NIORDC

9- Quantitative and qualitative improvement of various refinery products and improvement of standards

10-Corrosion and technical inspection

11-Modeling and simulation, CFD, Reactor kinetics and design

12- Water and industrial wastewater treatment